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At iPsychTec, we leverage our award-winning, ground-breaking behavioural diagnostics and predictive analytics tool CultureScope to inform organisational change management consulting to help organisations drive sustainable competitive advantage and minimise risks.

We combine our decades of corporate experience with behaviour diagnostics and predictive analytics capabilities together with most advanced technology to help organisations of all sizes and stature successfully undertake organisational culture change management. We provide actionable insights to drive businesses forward, reduce risk and generate sustainable competitive advantage.

CultureScope’s award-winning behavioural diagnostics is connected to organisations business outcomes to provide predictive analytics to inform change management consulting. It provides actionable insights to grow business, enhance performance and reduce risks.

TalentScope is a unique online tool which brings together assessment of “fit for job” using competency-based framework and “fit for culture” and situationally relevant leadership for recruitment, succession planning and talent development.

TeamScope provides you with the ability to understand how event-driven behaviours manifest in teams. This helps businesses to improve situational awareness, managing complexity, resolving conflict and enhancing teamwork for driving performance and minimising risks.

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Whilst we commissioned CultureScope for a specific research project, we quickly realised the wide-ranging impact and uses of the model and are now using it for everything from defining our strategy for diversity and inclusion to assessing how we measure and communicate our performance and values behaviours. CultureScope has provided HSBC with a powerful new lens with which to view every aspect of its culture.


Using the Culture Scope and Talent Scope tools to build a profile of 'what good looks like' in this early stage business has helped us take a lot of risk out of making initial critical hires and has become a cost effective ongoing decision support tool in recruitment. Hani has been great to work with; ever flexible which is very important as we find our way and so much preferable to the strait jacket imposed by some of the larger consultancies. Applying this level of science and rigour to the hiring process is a no-brainer in our book.

CEOInternet of Things Start-up

TeamScope devised a brilliant day for us as an Executive Leadership Team. Hani is a veritable genius on team work and learning… and also at flying planes. The session absolutely met the brief we set. It was great for team work and genuinely the most memorable and impactful activity we have ever done. We learnt a lot about our strengths as a team (and as individuals), had fun and discovered just how quickly we can learn a new complex process and work together to deliver it. The debrief follow up session a few weeks later was really insightful too and perfectly timed. Would recommend it to anyone.

Chief People OfficerMetro Bank
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CultureScope was awarded the People’s Choice award at the prestigious Wharton People Analytics Conference 2017.

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