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1) How CultureScope Works.

Please click below to watch a 6 minutes video showing how CultureScope SaaS works and its unique features.

2) Steps For Mail Merge Using Microsoft Outlook.

This is a quick video showing you how to send CultureScope questionnaire links to participants using outlook.

CultureScope will generate for each employee ID 2 unique URLs, please see below example. We will refer to this as the exported URL file.

As we don’t know the email ID’s you will need to populate for each employee ID or Pseudo anonymised ID (as we do not process any personal Data). The file generated by CultureScope will have 4 columns.

o            2nd column marked “ODNA” is the organisational link – “observed behaviours”.

o            3rd column marked “PDNA” is the personal link – “how I behave at work

Steps for sending CultureScope reminders using mail merge:

    1. Make sure to have the original employee list with the emails,
    2. Arrange your list form smallest to largest by reference number, also do the same with the exported URL file.
    3. Select all email addresses from your file and paste to the exported URL file.
    4. Cross check a few emails vs reference numbers to check all is correct.
    5. Now save the exported URL file, which now does include the emails, then close it.
    6. Now you are ready for the mail merge, open the word doc containing the email message and start the process. (See video link above).