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Traditional talent assessment practices, although widely used, lead organisations to make poor hiring decisions. This is largely due to these tools applying a one-size-fits-all approach, utilizing identical leadership metrics for roles that are fundamentally different. Alarmingly, the majority of these assessments also rely heavily on personality-based measures, which are notorious for their low predictive power when it comes to job performance. Perhaps most critical of all, cultural fit is routinely and almost universally overlooked by these assessment tools.

Enter TalentScope. We provide organisations with a more robust, forward-thinking approach to recruitment and talent management. Our solution offers precise, actionable insights into three key areas: “fit for job”, “fit for culture”, and “fit for situational leadership demands” – meeting both current and future needs. Essentially, TalentScope performs the function of four distinct tools: job profiling, culture assessment, leadership assessment, and 360-degree evaluations. We focus on the role as the central point of the assessment, utilizing behavioural science to produce relevant, tailored, and actionable reports.

TalentScope, places you in control of how you benchmark talent – the tool assesses person organisation fit, comprising the extent to which an individual is fit for a particular job, culture and leadership competencies.

It helps an organisation to ensure that:

  • It has the right executives with the appropriate skills & behaviours
  • The strongest talent is deployed in the most critical and effective roles
  • Mission-critical executives are performing at the optimum level
  • It has the talent, motivation and potential to meet long term objectives

We know that each organisation – and position – is unique, which means that each role will require its own mix of competencies. TalentScope allows you to customise your own competency benchmarks across 36 dimensions and four clusters enabling you to set your own unique standards of what “good” looks like in your organisation and measuring candidates against this framework to find the ideal PO fit. This differentiates it from traditional personality assessments which assess individuals against a benchmark of people that bear no resemblance to your organisation.

We ensure that you have the right people doing the right job. This targeted approach ensures that the talent pool is perfectly aligned to the requirements of your business – and the role in question.

Complete Talent Analytics

TalentScope’s Culture Fit Test Benefits:

  • Focusing development in the essential areas to improve performance
  • Recruitment
  • Benchmarking
  • Reorganisation of non-aligned executives
  • Person organisation fit improves the selection process for external hires or internal promotions
  • Robust and actionable succession planning
  • Improves talent development decisions
  • Risk management of organisational dependency on key individuals leading to development planning
  • Increased engagement and commitment to the organisation
  • Highly visible investment in people

TalentScope uses an online competency job and leadership profiler, its advantages include:

  • Is quick and easy to use – completion takes 12 minutes and can include multiple ratings from different participants per role
  • PO fit improves role and person specifications
  • Highlights differing views on key requirements
  • Applicable across different roles, functions and sectors
  • Provides comprehensive data – including behaviours, functional indicators and situational leadership needs
  • TalentScope Assessment will provide bespoke reports







Build the competency framework for each specific role using the Talent Competency Assessment Profiler (TCAP)


Measure personal and leadership (if applicable) skills and competencies through the online diagnostic


Generate personal and leadership (if applicable) insight reports from the talent diagnostic


Identify fit for job role by assessing candidate and job alignment

Select Talent Job Competencies based on targeted outcomes

Using the Culture Scope and Talent Scope tools to build a profile of 'what good looks like' in this early stage business has helped us take a lot of risk out of making initial critical hires and has become a cost effective ongoing decision support tool in recruitment. Hani has been great to work with; ever flexible which is very important as we find our way and so much preferable to the strait jacket imposed by some of the larger consultancies. Applying this level of science and rigour to the hiring process is a no-brainer in our book.

CEOInternet of Things start up

Whilst we commissioned CultureScope for a specific research project, we quickly realised the wide-ranging impact and uses of the model and are now using it for everything from defining our strategy for diversity and inclusion to assessing how we measure and communicate our performance and values behaviours. CultureScope has provided HSBC with a powerful new lens with which to view every aspect of its culture.

HR DirectorHSBC

TeamScope devised a brilliant day for us as an Executive Leadership Team. Hani in Paul’s team is a veritable genius on team work and learning… and also at flying planes. The session absolutely met the brief we set. It was great for team work and genuinely the most memorable and impactful activity we have ever done. We learnt a lot about our strengths as a team (and as individuals), had fun and discovered just how quickly we can learn a new complex process and work together to deliver it. The debrief follow up session a few weeks later was really insightful too and perfectly timed. Would recommend it to anyone.

Chief People OfficerMetro Bank

CultureScope is an award winning, ground breaking behavioural diagnostic tool which is connected to your business outcomes to make it predictive. It provides actionable insights to drive business forward, reduce risk and generate sustainable value.

TeamScope provides you with The ability to understand how event driven behaviours manifest in teams; to improve situational awareness, managing complexity, resolving conflict and thereby enhancing teamwork for minimising risks and driving performance.