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Change Management

Diversity and Inclusion as Workforce: a Tool to Design and Implement the Best Policies

By Change Management

One of the most influential novels in the English language, Wuthering Heights, received mixed reviews when first published. The book is worthy of all praise but its author, Emily Brontë, had to use a male pseudonym to publish and, above that, Victorian-era readers thought that it must have been written by a man. The Brontë household produced three remarkably talented female writers. The others, Charlotte and Anne also needed to publish under male pseudonyms. Adequately, one of the reviews of this novel at the time read: “The action is laid in hell, only it seems places and people have English names there”. Read More

The Importance of Change Management for Culture

By Change Management

Change happens every day in organisations. Whether it is new initiatives around regulation or adopting new technology, the key component to achieving your intended outcomes is your company culture. Many organisations fail to recognise the importance of change management, it is crucial in changing how employees do their work and crucially, their behaviours long term.

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