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CultureScope by iPsychTec

Organisational Change Management Process

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The change management process refers to the steps taken by CEOs, leadership teams and management to transform values, attitudes and behaviours of the workforce of their organisation. Implementing effective change management is key for any organisation to reach its desired level of performance in terms of growth, innovation, inclusion, trust, wellbeing etc. CultureScope by iPsychTec adopts a five-step implementation framework, combining decades of corporate experience with ground-breaking behavioural diagnostics and advanced predictive analytics.

CultureScope’s Five-Step Change Management Framework

CultureScope by iPsychTec involves a five-step change management framework. This involves the following elements:



CultureScope’s change management framework begins by undertaking a review of the business strategy, identifying the organisational values and how they translate into behaviours.


At this stage of the change management process, we launch the CultureScope online diagnostic tools across your organisation in order to assess both the workforce and the organisation across 15 behavioural dimensions.


The next step is to identify present, absent and conflicting behaviours across the organisation and generate dashboards for the different groups (division, geography, tenure, performance, gender etc.) to identify the key areas of actions.


This stage of the change management process is where we create an action plan with a focus on the key behaviours that can accelerate or derail the business strategy and performance.


The last stage is where the impact of the actions taken to drive behavioural change are re-measured.

Key Challenges in Change Management

Implementing successful change management is not always a smooth process and there are a number of challenges that organisations can face that can cause delays or derail their business transformation.

CultureScope by iPsychTec measures both individual and organisational behaviours and by linking these with organisations’ own unique outcomes, it provides predictive analytics, actionable insights and path analysis. Utilising this data driven behavioural road map combined with insights into the size and complexity of the project and scientifically identifying change champions who have what it takes to deliver change programme, CultureScope helps organisations address the common root causes for why change programmes fail.

Why CultureScope?

CultureScope is an award winning, ground-breaking behavioural diagnostic tool. CultureScope’s change management process combines the best elements of scientific and applied research with the most advanced technology to develop and deploy revolutionary behaviour diagnostics, advanced predictive analytics, actionable insights and path analysis to help clients drive and embed their desired organisational culture and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

CultureScope’s change management framework quantifies the culture of an organisation using ground-breaking diagnostics, by assessing individual and organisational behaviours (how do I behave and what do I observe around me) and linking these with organisations’ outcomes to provide advanced predictive analytics and actionable insights to drive the organisation forward, reduce risk and generate sustainable value. The predictive analytics work in both directions; behaviours to outcomes and outcomes to behaviours.

Speak to one of our experts now and discover how we can apply our change management process model to your organisation.

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