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CultureScope launches V6

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What is your culture question? 

Since its launch, CultureScope has helped our clients answer a diverse set of questions: 

  • How do we avoid culture becoming the barrier to Mergers & Acquisitions? 
  • What kind of innovation do we need?
  • How do we enable effective risk behaviours? 
  • How do we build a culture of inclusion? 
  • Is our culture fit for Consumer Duty? 
  • Do change champions have what it really takes to effect change? 

All along, our mission has been simple – to combine the best elements of scientific and applied research to develop and deploy behavioural diagnostic and predictive analytical tools. 

Making it easier to answer these, and other questions, has also been integral to the development of the latest version of CultureScope (V6) which is helping our clients get even more from their data.  

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CultureScope scoops prestigious prize for Behavioural Analytics at Wharton People Analytics Conference

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iPsychTec, the human capital consultancy, is today pleased to announce that it has received the People’s Choice award at the prestigious Wharton People Analytics Conference 2017.

The prize was awarded in recognition of the work undertaken to develop and implement its market leading behavioural analytics platform – CultureScope.

The CultureScope platform allows organisations to analyse their unique corporate culture by combining employee behaviour data and company specific objectives. This provides quantified insights that significantly improve how organisations understand and impact risk, diversity, talent and organisational performance.

The competition saw Alderbrooke overcome competitors from across the globe to win the award. The Wharton People Analytics Conference is a hallmark event in the industry calendar, and recognises the success of entrepreneurial ventures in the field of people analytics. The People’s Choice award is voted for by leading industry academics, practitioners and opinion formers.

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2016: The Year of Organisational Culture and People Analytics

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Only a cursory glance at daily business news and corporate social media feeds confirms this as the year of “organisational culture” and “people analytics”. These days, job hunters consider online reviews of office cultures, while a firm’s executive leadership know that their corporate culture influences company value and performance.

In a Duke Fuqua School of Business survey of 1,400 CEOs and CFOs, 92% believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company. And more than 50% said that culture influences productivity, creativity and profitability.

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