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What is your culture question? 

Since its launch, CultureScope has helped our clients answer a diverse set of questions: 

  • How do we avoid culture becoming the barrier to Mergers & Acquisitions? 
  • What kind of innovation do we need?
  • How do we enable effective risk behaviours? 
  • How do we build a culture of inclusion? 
  • Is our culture fit for Consumer Duty? 
  • Do change champions have what it really takes to effect change? 

All along, our mission has been simple – to combine the best elements of scientific and applied research to develop and deploy behavioural diagnostic and predictive analytical tools. 

Making it easier to answer these, and other questions, has also been integral to the development of the latest version of CultureScope (V6) which is helping our clients get even more from their data.  

Version 6 now helps you build multiple frameworks to explore your culture. This means that in one diagnostic you can investigate whether your values are being lived and, at the click of button, you can explore the behaviours required for inclusion, agility, risk, or any other aspect of culture you want to assess. No need for multiple diagnostics or surveys. 

Often the answer to culture change lies somewhere within the organisation. V6 also helps you more easily explore internal benchmarks and whether certain behaviours are present or absent in different parts of your organisation. 

Culture is one of those topics that generates a lot of questions. What is the question you’d like to answer about your culture? 

For a quick and easy demo of CultureScope V6, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

Hani Nabeel

Hani Nabeel is the Chief Behavioural Scientist at iPsychTec, a world leading People Analytics and Behavioural Science company. Hani has over 20 years’ experience in delivering Leadership & Talent Management Consulting services and quantitative behavioural research. He is the architect and founder of the award winning and ground-breaking CultureScope behavioural analytics platform for scientifically measuring and embedding organisation’s desired culture using predictive analytics and actionable insights.